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Life Coach, Life Strategist, Reiki, Adult, Teens, Clarity Catalyst, Insight for Life


My name is Jennifer 


I am a suburban New York native specializing in coaching, consulting, educating, writing, publishing, and whatever may catch my interest, as I am a big believer in personal growth and having fun.


I have over 25 years experience as a social worker in both healthcare and mental health settings.  I was working full-time and decided to grow in a different area of my life.  In 2020, I opened a part-time therapy business where I counseled adults and teens.


In the Fall of 2022, I found myself burned out, stressed, sleepless, and working 65 hours a week between two jobs.  Also, I am a single mother.  I took an 8-week course, Clarity Catalyst, that transformed my life and helped me pivot in a new direction.  Clarity Catalyst is a transformational course for individuals, kids, teens, and corporations seeking self-discovery.  The course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree course designed by Dr. Michael Ray.  I was so inspired by the changes I made in the class that I became a Certified Clarity Catalyst Trainer.


In February of 2023, after spending years as a social worker in healthcare, I resigned from my job as I no longer found a corporate-run job meaningful.  I decided to make a change by doing more of what I love…helping people grow, develop an area of their life, and ultimately find purpose and meaning.

a few


I am an avid reader and a voracious audiobook consumer.  I listen to a minimum of two audiobooks a week.


I enjoy writing and publishing articles on topics I find meaningful.


I take classes year-round for my personal growth and development.  The classes have included painting, voiceover recording, how to publish a book, jewelry making, terrarium making, and professional courses to utilize for my business.


I love to develop workshops and interact with others.


During college, I lost a bet with a mentor,

Mr. Watkins, which is why I chose my career path… he knew me better than I knew myself.


I offer workshops several times
a year on various topics. 

Check the calendar or contact me if you are interested in a workshop.

with me



(pronounced Ray-Key) Reiki is a holistic healing process that is non-invasive, safe, and natural.

Clarity Catalyst

Courses based on the Stanford University program, Creativity in Business, which was developed in 1979 to cultivate creativity, authenticity, and self-expression.

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